South Sudan: Child Protection Coordinator

Organization: Terre des hommes
Country: South Sudan
Closing date: 04 Feb 2017

We are looking for our delegation in South Sudan for a

Child Protection Coordinator

Location and working conditions: Juba – South Sudan
Activity rate: 100%
Start date of post: 15.02.2017
Duration : 6 months
Deadline: Terre des hommes does not set closing dates for this position; recruitment is ongoing until the position is filled.

Conditions :**

Swiss salaried contract 3’400 CHF (~2’950 €) < > 4’750 CHF (~4’100 €) net /month according to experience x 13 times, Vacancy: 25 days annual leaves local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight.


Main responsibilities :

In his/her capacity of Foundation representative, the Coordinator reports to the Country Representative and provides multi-base, multi-sponsor and multi-partner supervision and follow-up for the projects in his/her sector. S/he is responsible for the implementation of the strategy and the development and managerial coordination of the project teams, and s/he has a major responsibility for the project strategies, steering and outcomes. S/he supports and validates the quality of the work done by the teams as regards the Tdh mandate and commitments and international standards. S/he coordinates and develops national measures for dialogue and partnership with state, national and international partners.S/he collaborates and coordinates with the DI for his/her theme for emergencies and the Thematic Advisors at the headquarters to develop and validate the thematic strategy in line with the Tdh strategic commitments, and to carry out advocacy and strategic capitalisation activities.S/he facilitates and coordinates an intersectoral and/or integrated approach with the other sectors' projects.

Function details :

Strategy and Policy:

  • Use humanitarian needs assessments (by Tdh / other agencies) to define the strategy;
  • Alongside the Country Representative and the DI and/or Thematic Advisor of his/her sector, contribute to drawing up the mission's intervention strategies and manage its implementation as regards the project teams;
  • Coordinate the geographic developments of the sectoral strategy with the PL and the field coordinators.

Resarch and development:

  • Identify and share the positive and innovative experiences, information, research, best practice, relevant tools, etc.with the teams and the Country Representative;
  • Be familiar with and promote his/her sector's institutional methodological guides with field teams and partners.

Personal management / team management:

  • Ensure the communication contract is implemented within his/her team(s) and project teams;
  • Create conditions for a good flow of operational information from delegation – field – delegation (verbal exchanges, e-mails, sitreps, reports, etc.);
  • Ensure overall compliance with the Tdh HR procedures and those of the country (fairness, transparency);
  • Participate in the delegation coordination meetings;
  • Organise and run his/her sector's coordination meetings;
  • Define intervention methods with the project leaders and the Country Representative;
  • Lead, advise, support and supervise his/her sector's project leaders in the implementation of projects;
  • Ensure teams work well together (resolve the potential conflicts);
  • Develop his/her subordinates' self-reliance and encourage collaboration;
  • Coordinate with the project leaders in adapting the Terms and Conditions of the staff according to the progress of the projects;
  • Recruit and/or assist with the recruitment of local staff and coordinate the writing of the job vacancy descriptions;
  • Evaluate the staff under his/her direct responsibility on a regular basis and pass on the evaluations and recommendations to the Country Representative;
  • Ensure and support the accountability of the national teams in a gradual process of delegation and nationalisation of managerial posts.


  • Together with the Finance and Administration manager and the Country Representative, ensure the guidelines in the Tdh financial handbook are implemented and provide advice on the proper use of Tdh financial coding;
  • Participate in drawing up project budgets in compliance with current standards;
  • With the Country Representative, the Finance and Administration manager and the project leader, examine the budget vs actual reports on a monthly basis in order to monitor expenses in good time and guide future spending and allocations in his/her field of activity;
  • Supervise the application of and adherence to the terms of any financing contract, check the block commitment of expenditure and the financial risk (check that the invitations to tender comply with Tdh procedures, etc.);
  • Monitor the projects' action plans vs their financing plans (provisional budget) and ensure they conform;
  • Examine the monthly budget vs actual reports in order to monitor budget spending in good time and guide future budgetary spending (expenditure) and allocations in his/her field of activity:

Fundraising and Program Development:

  • Assist in seeking funding and in negotiations with the institutional donors present in the intervention zone in coordination with the Country Representative and the headquarters;
  • Gain / keep a good contextual knowledge and understanding of Tdh's working areas in SS;
  • Pro-actively identify reliable funding opportunities for the activities / sector under his / her responsability (short term & multi – year grants, Consortium);
  • Develop the activities / sector under his / her responsibility;
  • Initiate, plan and lead the proposal development process, from needs assessment to proposal writing;
  • Write / review project proposals for the activities / sector under his / her responsibility;
  • With the support of the Country Representative and the headquarters, coordinate, promote, supervise and negotiate the contracts for the sector under his / her responsibility;
  • Identifies reliable funding opportunies through networking and pro active search, initiates / leads the full proposal development process and writes / reviews project proposals for submission to donors;
  • Have / maintain a sound knowledge of Private foundations and Emergency institutional Donors' standard tools and strategic guidelines;
  • Number of proposal submitted / accepted, evolution of the budget, number of grants, multi year funding for the activities / sector.

Administration / Logistics:

  • Adhere to and enforce the delegation's and Foundation's current administrative and logistical regulations and procedures;
  • Carry out all the formalities required by the government and the other official agencies for the project to be recognized;
  • Make sure that the contracts (for services, HR, etc.) comply with the national laws;
  • Together with the Finance and Administration Manager, ensure that the monthly invoices from suppliers and service providers are paid within the deadlines (in the absence of a project leader);
  • In collaboration with the Administration/Finance Coordinator, ensure that the signatories' schedule for purchases and payment authorisations is maintained and adhered to (in the absence of the project leader);
  • If necessary and in coordination with the Finance and Administration Coordinator, handle all the sponsor contracts in the country and others, in relation with his/her intervention sector;
  • Promote close collaboration between Logistics and Administration for monitoring projects;
  • Verify that the communication procedures are followed in his/her teams and that staff can be reached at any time in the context of his/her professional activities.

Representation – Networking:

  • Represent Terre des hommes in his/her field of activity before the national authorities, and at a local level in support of the PLs;
  • Represent Tdh before other international organisations: participate in inter-NGO coordination meetings and UN agency meetings and in any other intergovernmental institution meetings being held in his/her Country (Thematic Cluster);
  • Coordinate and support the project visitors (journalists, headquarters, funders, etc.) in coordination with the headquarters and the bases;
  • In general, make sure that a positive and professional image of the Foundation is conveyed. In particular, ensure that the Foundation's mandate, ethics, themes policies, values and views are followed in relation to third parties;
  • Coordinate national partnerships with the government, national NGOs, etc. and support the PLs and the teams in the negotiation and development of partnerships at local or regional level;
  • Coordinate, develop and reinforce partnership actions at a national level with the partners in the same activity sector: sectoral working group, clusters, etc.;
  • Encourage and develop synergies with the government, the other NGO players and local organisations in his/her field of activity;
  • In emergencies, coordinate with all the agencies in his/her field of activity represented in the country as part of the inter-agency processes of evaluation, planning and coordination of responses;
  • Develop signed agreements between Tdh and the government and its partners, and ensure they are implemented and monitored.

Information / Communication / Reporting:

  • Produce publications in coordination with the area and the DI or Thematic Advisor and the Communication and Fund-raising Dpt; have the data validated by the Thematic Advisor;
  • Participate in the media communications on the project in collaboration with the thematic advisor;
  • Be responsible for producing reports, and guarantee that regular and reliable information is produced and that sensitive mission information is kept confidential; have it validated by the Country Representative and share it with the technical advisor at the headquarters;
  • Be responsible for the reports to be sent to Donors within the specified time frames and formats in coordination with his/his technical advisor at the headquarters;
  • Assist with the financial reports in support of and at the request of the Administration/Finance Coordinator and the Country Representative;
  • In general, systematically inform the Country Representative and the DI or Thematic Advisor of the progress of the strand in his/her field of activity, and its implementation;
  • Contribute to the SITREPs in coordination with the project leaders and have them validated by the Country Representative and share them with his/her technical advisor at the headquarters;
  • Write the annual reports in his/her field of activity for the Country Representative and his/her technical advisor at the headquarters
  • Monitor the thematic indicators and the project indicators.

Project Cycle Management:

  • Plan and draw up project proposals in consultation with the thematic advisor / the sector DI (for emergencies), including in particular the validation of the impact of the project, its consistency, coverage, efficiency and effectiveness, long-term viability and relevance/feasibility, and taking into account cross-cutting issues (gender, HIV, environment, etc) before submission to the Country Representative and the headquarters
  • Guarantee the quality of project reports (including the annual project reports);
  • Set up monitoring and monthly evaluation tools for activities (monitoring sponsor and internal indicators) and monitor the results on a monthly basis;
  • Ensure coordination and consistency between the different projects in the intervention zones;
  • Make sure the projects are transversal;
  • In collaboration with the Country Representative and the project leaders, coordinate the needs of the target populations in order to readjust the ongoing projects if necessary or to launch new projects and ensure that resources are properly tailored to requirements;
  • Coordinate activity or project assessments to specific times in the development or sponsors' requests;
  • Establish terms of reference for the assessments in collaboration with the thematic advisor, the Country Representative and the area;
  • Conduct regular field visits for supervision and assessments of the project's progress;
  • Initiate and coordinate thematic capitalisation of the project with the thematic advisors and the Headquarters DI.

Capacity building:

  • Identify training needs and develop a capacity building strategy;
  • Provide follow-up child protection training where required.


  • Coordinate with other humanitarian partners and local authorities in the target areas, as relevant for the effective and efficient implementation of the CP projects;
  • Attend Child Protection Working Group meetings and clusters;
  • Advocacy and training (internal and external) on CPMS.

Human resources management:

  • To carry out necessary recruitment when needed, in respect to the local regulations, in coordination with the Human Resource.


  • Comply with Tdh Security Regulations.
  • Reports any security/safety incident and/or risk to the Country representative.

Child Safeguarding Policy:

  • Commit to respect the Child Safeguarding Policy. Signs the Code of Conduct;
  • Report serious cases of abuse on children identified by the Child Protection team to the Country representative. Strict confidentiality must be respected.


  • Undertake all other duties that may be determined by the Country representative and that are compatible with the job;
  • Maintain and ensure a culture of strict confidentiality – inter Tdh staff and between Tdh staff and non Tdh employees.

Profile :

  • University degree and five year relevant work experience
  • Proven technical knowledge and skills in the field of Child Protection
  • Prior experience working in emergency settings or insecure environments
  • Proven track records of gaining grants from institutional donors / foundations for protection projects
  • Proposal writting skills, strong khnowledge of protection / child protection mainstreaming to other sectors, and experience of monitoring & building the capacity of local partners
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, effective in representation and liaison with external parties
  • Proven ability to work as part of a team
  • Demonstrated experience in capacity building and mentoring of national and international staff
  • Personal qualities: Works well in and promotes teamwork, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment, flexible and able to handle pressure well
  • Fluency in English required (spoken and written)

Child Protection Policy:

  • To commit to respect Tdh Risk Management Policies including: Child Protection Policy, Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy
  • To commit to ensure the best implementation possible of th Tdh Risk Management Policies in South Sudan
  • To commit to inform supervisors and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Tdh Risk Management Policies

We offer an exciting and varied work, useful and meaningful, in a team that wants to make a difference for vulnerable children. Are you interested? Do you want to face this challenge?

How to apply:

Please postulate on our website: We will only consider complete online applications corresponding to the required profile. Your application must include a complete CV and a covering letter.

If you are not shortlisted, your file will be destroyed by us, according to the rules on data protection.

If you face difficulties in applying online, please contact our HR department:

Terre des hommes provides equal working conditions for men and women. Furthermore, for candidates with equivalent qualifications and for positions with responsibilities, applications from women are strongly encouraged.

The recruitment and selection procedures of Terre des hommes reflect our commitment for child security and protection.