South Sudan: Security Advisor – SOUTH SUDAN

Organization: Handicap International
Country: South Sudan
Closing date: 31 Dec 2016

Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity.

Handicap International is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

For further information about the association:

Present in more than 55 countries, Handicap International is composed of 2 operational directions:

  • The Direction of Humanitarian Action

  • The Direction of Development Action


Handicap International (HI) has been operating in South Sudan since 2006, implementing emergency and development actions aimed at improving the protection, quality of life, and the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs) and other vulnerable individuals and communities. From 2006 to 2013, HI implemented a range of projects, shifting progressively from an emergency action/ repatriation to a resilience approach up to 2013.

However, it soon became evident that the increasing complexity of requests required a more comprehensive mission to provide effective interventions in areas where no disability-related service had ever been available.

As of January 2016, the programme includes:

· An emergency component with 2 projects (Juba IDPs camps funded by HCR and an emergency flying team)

· A long term component with a victim assistance project (rehabilitation, livelihood and advocacy components and having to develop next phase), an inclusion/DPOs project and a psychosocial project focusing people suffering from mental health problems.


In this context, the major issues of the Security Advisor are to:

· Develop a reliable and updated security network

· Develop, update, finalize all the security tools and procedures

· Develop national staff competences and knowledge

· Propose to set up some tools in order to facilitate the situation analysis and an easier reading for the Program Director

Linked to the management of the Program Director, your main responsibilities and tasks are to:

· Manage the security including risk analysis in a systematic and consistent way

· Develop the information’s collection and sharing having a collective approach to safety and security

· Closely follow the latest government & SPLA-IO trends and declarations

· Define and implement the mitigation measures

· Use the existing security network, develop it and propose an efficient alert system

· Propose scenarios and analysis

· Update security tools and procedures

· Organize security briefing/debriefing on a daily basis & regular training

· Identify and train one Deputy Security Advisor (national staff)

· Be in charge of the emergency preparedness (safe room, equipment, evacuation routes, etc.)


· You hold a formal security qualification or security management training

· You have an experience in insecure/hostile environment, and incident reporting/mapping

· You understand personnel and organisational security issues, management and awareness

· You are able to train and coach national and international staff in safety and security

· You are fluent in written and spoken English

· You have strong report writing, analytical and interpersonal skills

· You are flexible and mature to work under pressure and within a multicultural team

· Competencies in Microsoft Office and data base systems are appreciate as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the context and challenging of operating within the South Sudan region


The capital, Juba, has a major presence of NGOs and UNs with basic but acceptable leaving conditions (generator, water tanks, basic roads…) and high cost level. The security conditions are instable with a level 3 and areas under massive conflict.


Employee status: from 2757€ gross salary/month regarding the experience of the candidate + perdiem + hardship allowance (500€ per month) + medical health coverage, retirement planning, repatriation insurance. Leaves: 25 days paid leaves/year + a special system of R&R is in place with time for rest out of the country: 5 days every 6 weeks.

Duration of the mission 4 to 6 months

How to apply:

Only online by joining a CV and cover letter via the following link: